Final cover imageAfter a six-year run, Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing is closing down. You can find all content on the open-access platform Zenodo. Thank you to all the editors and authors for your contributions!


Editors: Joost Adriaanse, Maarten Arnoldus, Margot Bakkes, Freija Camps, Daniël van Capelleveen, Donja Ceelie, Omar Daou, Renée Jansen, Nachiket Joshi, Marieke Lengers, Roel van den Oever, Camilla Prytz, Tom Ruben, Rob Shepherd, Pinar Türer, Tjalling Valdés Olmos, Helena van Veen, Anne Verhoef, Simon van der Weele, Amber Witsenburg.


Volume 4, Issue 2 (2020)

  • Lesley Verbeek, “Neoliberal Eugenics in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (2009-2010)”
  • Shae Kangas, “Temporal Transportation in the Anthropocene Novel”
  • Alvaro Lopez, “Monsters, Freaks, and an American Horror Story: Life and Embodiment at the Borders of Normative Intelligibility”
  • Michael Kardolus, “Daddy Issues: On the Representation of Family Ties in Contemporary Gay Porn”
  • Gabriel Geiger, “Notes from a Kink Club”


Volume 4, Issue 1 (2020): Comics Studies

  • Malin Stricker, “The Human Touch”
  • Markéta Hrehorová, “Opráski sčeskí historje: Contesting National Narratives through Comics”
  • Camilla Prytz and Jasmine Palmer, “Comprehending Colour: An Approach to Reading and Understanding Colour in Comics”
  • Vasiliki Belia, “‘The Moment When a Feeling Enters the Body:’” On the Politics of Drawing, Writing, and Roof Walking”
  • Angelo Zinna, “Priorities”
  • Marjolein van Tooren, “Introducing a New ‘Genre’ in Literary Education: The ‘Graphic Novel’ in the Classroom”
  • Nicholas Burman and Angelo Zinna, “Amsterdam Comics Conference, ‘Drawing Yourself In and Out of It,’ 15-17 November 2018”
  • John Miers, “Amsterdam Comics”
  • Angelo Zinna and Nicholas Burman, “Comics as Graphic Medicine: An Interview with Viivi Rintanen”


Volume 3, Issue 2 (2019): The “Failing” Body

  • Jules Sturm, “Ways of Failing”
  • Andries Hiskes, “The Affective Affordances of Disability”
  • Ke Ma, “The Politics of Beauty, Sexuality, and Disability in Blind Massage
  • Nadia van Vuuren, “A Plea for the Beauty of Banality: An Encounter between a Humanized Object and an Objectified Human”
  • Lucie Berjoan, “Little Monsters”
  • Rosie Haward, “Around the Edges”
  • Angelo Custódio, “The Creature in the Crack (continued)”
  • Marthe van Bronkhorst, “Enigma”


Volume 3, Issue 1 (2018)

  • Kim Schoof, “A Profound Experience of Democracy: Reconsidering the Democratic Potential of John Dewey’s Theory of Art while Reading Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station
  • Areesha Banglani, “Good Alien/Bad Alien: Transformers, Trump, and Immigrants”
  • Fleur van der Laan, “A Dance of Multiple Identities: Zadie Smith’s Swing Time
  • Tom Ruben, “Poems on a Monday”
  • Angelo Custódio, “The Creature in the Crack”


Volume 2, Issue 2 (2017)

  • Amber Witsenburg, “‘You Freud, Me Jane?’ The Representation of Trauma and Asexuality in Hitchcock’s Marnie
  • Johanna Catharina ‘t Hart, “‘Jesus Fucking Christ! It’s a Goddamn Muslim!’: Orgies of Feeling at Work in Amy Waldman’s The Submission
  • Annelot Prins, “Who Run the World? Feminism and Commodification in Beyoncé’s Star Text”
  • Hélène Maes, “‘With What Do We Rise Up?’”
  • Renée Jansen, “The Undoing, a Step by Step Process”


Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016)

  • Naadira Patel, “Perceiving Imagined Enemies in Harun Farocki’s Serious Games I-IV
  • Sjoerd Bollebakker and Helen Piel, “Towards a Robotic Dystopia? Replacing Animal Companions with Technology in Science and Fiction”
  • Tim Scheffe, “The Camera Captures You as You Fall: An Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy’s Poem on The Falling Soldier
  • Tjalling Valdés Olmos, “A Posthuman ‘No Humans Involved’: Eric Garner, the Dehumanisation of Black Subjects, and Thinking Towards Ethics of Relationality”
  • Tim Reus, “The Last Human Station”
  • Elise van der Linde, “A Return to the Womb”
  • Elise van der Linde, “The Eyes of the Island”


Volume 1, Issue 2 (2016)

  • Rob Shepherd, “Remembering the Cold War: Don DeLillo’s Underworld and Lieux de Mémoire”
  • Lieke Hettinga, “Encountering Unruly Bodies: Posthuman and Disabled Bodies in Under the Skin
  • Kyle Fageol, “How to Hang a Song on a Wall: Experiencing Björk’s Black Lake Installation”
  • Amber Witsenburg, “The Dangers of Soft Power: A Review of the The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness Conference”
  • Marthe van Bronkhorst, “Two Poems”
  • Angie van Ek, “The Finale”


Volume 1, Issue 1, (2015): The Undead

  • Rob Shepherd, “Editorial”
  • Simon van der Weele, “A Becoming Failure: Deathly Encounters in Peng Yu’s Human Oil
  • Steven Vrouwenvelder, “Haunted Pancakes”
  • Zowi Vermeire, “From a Ten Hour Clock to a ‘Primitive’ Robot: Metropolis as a Temporal Critique”
  • Nienke Sinnema, “Where the Garment Gapes: On Objectification, Narrative Structure, and Sympathy in The Fermata versus Cashback
  • Laurens van den Broek, “Traditions Are Meant to Be Broken? A Review of the On the Move Exhibition
  • Léo Masciarelli, “Ravens and Emperor”
  • Charlotte Gijzen, “Three Stages of Love”