American Studies conference

Jasper Johns FlagOn Friday, June 10, 2016, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will host the 22nd Amerikanistendag, the annual student conference of the Netherlands American Studies Association. The conference provides a forum for talented bachelor’s, master’s, research master’s, and Ph.D. students as well as recent graduates to present their research projects to fellow students and scholars in the Netherlands.

We invite papers on any topic related to the United States of America and/or the Americas at large. Approaches from all disciplines are welcome: cultural studies, economy, political science, law, history, gender studies, philosophy, et cetera. This way, we aim to create a rich overview of current interests and methods among a new generation of American Studies scholars.

Deadlines: If you wish to present your research, please send in an abstract before February 15, 2016 using the submission form. Upon acceptance of your abstract, you have until May 15, 2016 to write out your paper (max. 4,000 words). Your paper will then be assigned to a thematic session and circulated to your co-presenters. Finally, on June 10, 2016 you present your paper (max. 15 minutes) at the Amerikanistendag in Amsterdam.