Masculinity in Crisis

Masculinity in Crisis

Commentators claim that masculinity is currently in crisis, by which they actually mean the masculinity of the young. Gender historian Ulrike Brunotte has ironically countered this claim with the maxim that “masculinity is always in crisis.” This adage can be… Continue Reading

Bodies That Still Matter

Bodies That Still Matter 3

Since the appearance of her early-career bestseller Gender Trouble in 1990, American philosopher Judith Butler is one of the most influential thinkers in academia. Her work addresses numerous socially pertinent topics such as gender normativity, political speech, media representations of… Continue Reading

Private Romeo

Private Romeo 2

The film Private Romeo shows two male cadets falling in love as they speak the lines of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. While intended as an affirmative depiction of gay love without any homophobia, the film for three reasons has the… Continue Reading


Final cover image

After a six-year run, Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing is closing down. You can find all content on the open-access platform Zenodo. Thank you to all the editors and authors for your contributions!  … Continue Reading

Comics Narratology

The Narrator in Comics Narratology

There exists a tradition of sustained critical engagement with narratology in the field of comics studies, most profoundly so in Thierry Groensteen’s The System of Comics (1999) and Comics and Narration (2011), and most recently so in Kai Mikkonen’s The… Continue Reading

On the Flick


The On the Flick film club watches and discusses movies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. All are welcome! Drinks and snacks are provided for.   19 June 2018: The Truman Show 16 May 2018: El espíritu de la colmena 7 March… Continue Reading